Amalipe Center donated equipment to the young future IT specialist Aleina

During the national lockdown in March, we became part of the story of a cute girl who has a dream – to develop in the field of computer technology. And she studies for that, but the last year turns out to be an extraordinary test for her.

From an early age, when she saw a computer, Aleina’s whole face lit up. Things that are only once shown how they are made, she remembers and develops them. Very often she wanted her father to take her for a walk in the big hardware stores so that she could enjoy the computers in the store. At the age of six, she can read, write and think, which gives her the freedom to inform herself.

All these childhood skills, desires and dreams directed her parents to look for the best school that will further develop her skills and help her realize her dreams. Today she is 12 years old and programs games, speaks good English, has a bunch of prizes from competitions in Sofia, Dobrich, Blagoevgrad, as well as some international awards ..

The teachers always supported the talented student and allowed her to take advantage of the school base after school to prepare for competitions. Unfortunately, this has not been possible in the last year due to the new conditions of distance learning, and Aleina needs a good computer to develop.

Despite her great desire, the family cannot help her because one parent does not work to raise their second child, who has health problems. They found a computer, but it turned out to be too old.

Aleina is a very radiant and smiling child, she does not complain, but always fights for her dreams. He puts a lot of effort and even the night before the competitions he does not sleep, but works on his projects. This, as it makes her parents happy, saddens them because they know they can’t provide for her.

And here the Amalipe Center appeared in its history. Accidentally found out about Aleina and her problems, we could not remain indifferent. It is extremely sad that a child who has such a great desire to develop in a certain field could miss all the opportunities before it. That is why the Amalipe Center did not hesitate and managed to make a donation to Aleina from a complete computer configuration with very good parameters, which we received from the people with big hearts within the campaign “Old technique for a new beginning”. Through this help we hope he can continue to follow his dreams, and to the people with big hearts who give big dreams, we THANK YOU!

The joy in her eyes was the greatest gift for us in these difficult days!

We call on everyone who has the opportunity to help a person in need, not to hesitate and act! You can change someone’s destiny!

And we wish Aleina many more successes in the future, which she will surely achieve!

We appeal to all those who want to support students from the poorest families and the schools in which they study to conduct quality online training in the coming weeks and months. Let us together help to create the most urgent and necessary conditions for the inclusion of all students. Join the campaign “Old technique for a new beginning”, because the change is in the educated children! Any donation, no matter what the value, will help children stay in the learning process in these extreme conditions.

The Amalipe Center ensures that every lev or computer will reach the schools and students in greatest need, and you will be able to keep track of exactly which schools these tools and devices have reached.

The campaign “Old equipment for a new beginning” received extremely high marks and in 2020 was part of the largest socially responsible initiative of Nova Broadcasting Group in partnership with Reach for Change Bulgaria – THE CHANGE.


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