How does it feel to step into the European Parliament – Aiche, Eliza and Villy on the way to Brussels

Amalipe Center continues its initiative with another episode of the “Success Stories and Friendship in Action” podcast.
Within the podcast, we will meet you with people who motivate, inspire and make the world a better place. We will talk about dreams, the path to success, tolerance, discrimination and education. We will also discuss the importance of active civic participation and what activities can empower us and help us express our civic choices and opinions.
In today’s episode of our podcast, we have as guests the wonderful Ayshe Rasimova, Eliza Naydenova and Velichka Stefanova – part of the first group of active young people from the Amalipe Center network who visited Brussels. What is it like to have dinner with an MEP? How to enter the European Parliament and why it is important for young people to be active citizens, learn from our conversation with them.
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This episode of the podcast is part of the project “EMPOWEREU: Fostering participation of youth and vulnerable groups in the EU elections” funded by the European Parliament. The authors are fully responsible for the content of the episode and the European Parliament is not responsible for the use of the information therein.