How will the additional trainings and interest activities under the project “Support for Success” continue?

From April 12, 2021, the in-person training of the students from the primary grades, VII, VIII and X grade was restored. In the small schools, the students from all classes, who have one class each, returned to the classrooms. How will the additional trainings and interest activities under the project “Support for Success” continue – in person or remotely?

At this point, the response of the Project Management Team, published on the electronic platform, envisages by April 30:

  • For the primary grades – present additional trainings and activities of interest;
  • For the other grades from V to XII grade, the classes will continue from a distance in an electronic environment;

This makes it difficult for schools in which junior high school and high school classes are already in attendance. The problem in secondary schools is particularly serious. The students there are trained in person in the classrooms, and additional trainings and activities of interest in junior high school and middle school must be conducted remotely. This, in practice, cannot happen.

The actual implementation of additional training under the project “Support for Success” had an extremely beneficial effect in June 2020. It helped to a large extent to make up for the accumulated deficits during distance learning during the second term of the academic year 2019 – 2020. Especially It is important to attend additional trainings in schools with a concentration of vulnerable groups, in which a large percentage of students do not have electronic devices, precisely because one of the goals of the additional classes is to compensate for the deficits accumulated during the ORES.

The Amalipe Center appeals to the project management team to be allowed to conduct additional training and interest activities under the project “Support for Success” for all classes that conduct a face-to-face learning process.

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