The annual regional principal meetings under the program “Every student will be a winner” have passed

For another year, Amalipe Center held two-day working meetings with school principals working on the project “Every student will be a winner”, which were held on October 12 and 13 for Northeast Bulgaria, October 16 and 17 – Northwest, Southwest and South Central and on October 17 and 18 for North Central and Southeastern Bulgaria. We will tell you below how the meetings went.

The Black Sea capital gathered more than 60 principals at this annual meeting of the principals’ community from the network of the program “Every student will be a winner – 2”. The two-day meeting was opened by the representatives of CMEDT Amalipe – Silvia Stancheva, Zhanna Vasileva and Denitsa Ivanova.

As always, there were again representatives of newly joined schools who introduced themselves and shared their motivation for joining the network. The directors from Northeast Bulgaria had the opportunity to get acquainted with the summarized results of what we achieved together with the program director Teodora Krumova; as well as to discuss how the network will develop during the new school year and the new three-year period. The conditions for membership in the network, the code of ethics and the new moments in the project were explained. The short-term and long-term goals of the network have been clarified. The concept for student mentors was presented, which will be emphasized even more strongly during the new programming period.

As at any interactive meeting at the Amalipe Center, there was no lack of group work. This was followed by small group discussions on current topics as follows:

1st group – Online trainings – topics and presenters – Shumen and Razgrad

2nd group – students mentors – Silistra and Varna

3rd group – good practices during distance learning – Dobrich and Targovishte

This was followed by presentations that were useful for everyone present to take the model, to break it through the specifics of their region, to apply it in the educational institution entrusted to him and to get high results. The principals shared how highly they appreciated the work of the educational mediators during the distance learning. And the stumbling block turned out to be not so much the lack of devices, but the digital illiteracy of children and parents and their lack of motivation to try.

Conclusion “… In every crisis, however, one grows up, even we, the colleagues, the elders. We had no choice and we had to immerse ourselves in it. And we learned. And we grew up! ”

Preliminary preparation before the start of this school year has proven to be something through which principals try to ensure less stress and better results. The tool they relied on were parent meetings in early September, in every village they have students from, with the help and support of the mayors.

On the second day of the meeting, the President of the Amalipe Center – Deyan Kolev, presented current information on the effective work of educational mediators during synchronous learning in an electronic environment; current issues related to current educational policies were discussed: the challenges for education at the beginning of the new school year; opportunities for funding school initiatives. And Nelly Nikolova – Program Coordinator “Educational Programs, School Network and Leadership” presented the idea of ​​the Professional Principal Community to “Every student will be a winner” and gave information about the upcoming initiatives.

The second and third principals’ meetings were hosted by Rachev Hotel Residence in the village of Arbanassi.

And there the meetings began with the presentation of summary information for the period 2017 – 2020 on the implementation of “Every student will be a winner – 2”, which is another stage in the implementation of the Program for reducing school dropout. The model for reducing school dropout by including intercultural education and equal participation of parents, students and teachers was created by the Amalipe Center 10 years ago and progressively developed and upgraded in the school network of nearly 300 schools.

The conclusions are clear: the longer a school participates in the program and applies its elements, the better the results. For example, the schools that have been involved and working with the Amalipe Center since 2010, and before that, through the introduction of Folklore of the ethnic groups – Roma folklore, have reduced dropout to about 0.5% with a dropout rate of 2.47%.

During the events, emphasis was placed on the implementation of national policies for providing funds for various programs for working with students and parents from vulnerable groups, and school principals shared their experience and their impressions of their implementation.

Petya Rusinova – principal of the primary school “Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov ”- the village of Selanovtsi shared her practical experience as an innovative

school, which provoked an interesting discussion about the applications of innovation in different types of schools.

During the second day of both meetings in the village of Arbanassi, the activities under the new three-year period were presented. Nelly Nikolova also joined here to explain the role of the professional principals’ community and the United Interactive Educational Network model.

In the last session Deyan Kolev and Teodora Krumova presented current information on: the effective work of educational mediators during synchronous learning in an electronic environment; opportunities for funding school initiatives; implementation of national programs. All questions were answered comprehensively.

The working meetings were moderated by the regional pedagogical coordinators Yonka Danova, Valeri Lekov, Galina Decheva. Tanya Hristova and Anna Velikova, who are already part of the educational team of the organization, also took part in them.

All three meetings were held in strict compliance with anti-epidemic measures.