The term for recruiting enumerator controllers is extended!

The National Statistical Institute extends the term for recruitment of enumerators and controllers for the forthcoming census of the population and the housing stock in January and February 2021 until November 16, 2020. Amalipe Center invites / encourages all those who have not yet applied as enumerators and controllers to do so.
At present, a total of 53.3% of the pre-planned number of enumerators and 61.7% of the controllers have been recruited for the country, as the situation is different in the different municipalities. In 103 municipalities the candidates are more than 85%, and there are those in which they are more than the required number. In 20 municipalities and districts in the largest cities, less than 20% have expressed interest. As before, applicants must submit a sample application to the municipality in which they prefer to be employed. The application documents will be available for download from the Census 2021 website (link to the documents) and on the municipal websites. In Census 2021 the settlements on the territory of the country will be divided into census sections, each of which will contain approximately 100 – 120 dwellings and 250 – 300 persons depending on the size and characteristics of the settlement. Each enumerator will be able to count one, two or more sections depending on the enumerated online persons.

What exactly do the counter and the controller do?

Each enumerator will be assigned by contract to enumerate pre-determined enumeration areas, in which about 200-250 people usually live in about 80-100 dwellings. It is possible that a section contains more or less people and housing, depending on the characteristics of the settlement. For example, in big cities, if there are 100 apartments in a block entrance and about 300 people live in them, it will probably be one section. Or if there are 10 people and 50 houses in a small village, one enumerator will have to count a neighboring village with few people and buildings. During the enumeration period, the enumerators will visit the homes from 1 to 15 February 2021 from 8.00 to 8 pm, including Saturday and Sunday. During the visit, they will identify themselves with business cards containing the three names, business number and photo, as well as protections that show that the card is authentic. Each counter is reported to its controller for the work done. Each controller is responsible for its control area, which includes the counting sections of an average of five enumerators. The controllers advise and assist the enumerators in their work. If necessary, if the enumerators and controllers encounter difficulties in their work, the mayors of the settlements appoint escorts who assist the enumerators and follow their instructions. The activities of the enumerators and the controllers are regulated in the Census Act and their non-observance is sanctioned!

The payment of the enumerators has been determined.

For a counted person will be paid BGN 2.50, for a counted dwelling – BGN 1.00, and for a counted building – BGN 0.70. When counting online, the enumerator will have to take a special code generated by the information system, for which he will receive BGN 0.80. Thus, the total salary of each enumerator will be individual and will vary depending on the number of enumerated buildings, dwellings, persons and electronically enumerated persons.

Who can become a counter and a controller?

Mandatory requirements for the candidates for enumerators and controllers are that they have reached 18 years of age, have at least secondary education, and have not been convicted.

In certain settlements, where there is a concentration of population of Turkish, Roma or other ethnicity, there will be a need for enumerators and controllers who speak / are able to communicate in the respective language and know the customs. All enumerators and controllers will undergo a one-day training, which will explain their rights and obligations, as well as how to fill in the enumeration cards. After successfully completing the training they will receive the necessary materials for the upcoming work. They will have the right to visit households in their census from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, including Saturday and Sunday. The enumerators will identify themselves with an official card issued by the NSI, before which they will undergo special training and will sign a declaration for protection of the statistical secrecy of the received information.