8th April: Greeting of the Ambassadors in Bulgaria to the Roma Community

The Ambassadors of Denmark and Spain, as well as the representative of UNICEF in Bulgaria, addressed the Roma community, congratulating the community on the successes achieved: the increasing number of young educated Roma, the role of educational mediators and Roma organizations. They expressed their support for building an inclusive education system and society, for the need to unite in the fight against prejudice and discrimination. These messages not only support the Roma community, but also challenge society to reconsider its stereotypes and promote the acceptance and inclusion of all, regardless of ethnicity.

It is important to remember that diversity is a source of wealth and strength for society. Only by working together and promoting tolerance we can achieve equality and justice for all.

Center Amalipe expresses its gratitude to the ambassadors for responding to our appeal to participate in this video message, to accept students within the “Ambassador of Tolerance” campaign, as well as for the overall support of the Group of Ambassadors on Roma Issues in Bulgaria.

You can watch the video message here: