Our Mission

The mission of Amalipe is to stimulate the empowerment of the Roma community and particularly the Romani woman in Bulgaria. The organization will further aim to promote an active participation and equal access to the development processes and resources with a priority focus on access to quality education and healthcare and social services; to overcome the harmful traditional practices in the community and contribute to the empowerment and equal participation of Romani women.

The Long-Term Goals of Amalipe Are:

  • To nurture the Roma community capacity for access to development by increasing the educational level of Roma children and youth; with special focus on Romani girls.
  • To strengthen Roma community self-organization.
  • To increase the participation of Roma (especially Romani women) in the policy making process by developing advocacy skills and joint action practices of Roma organizations.
  • To stimulate more consistent and accountable public policies that will increase access of Roma to education, quality healthcare and social services through responsive community interests approaches, monitoring and feedback to improve policy measures and practices.


To achieve these goals, the Amalipe Center uses:

– Implementation of innovative methods and practices at local level;

– Regular monitoring, feedback and advocacy to change existing policies on Roma social inclusion;

– systematizing the practical results of different organizations and incorporating them into national policies to achieve effective results in the integration of the Roma community, mobilization and organization of civic capacity of the Roma community;

– Mobilization and organization of the civic capacity of the Roma community in order to implement joint actions for successful integration;

– Advocacy for the development of a sustainable model for Roma integration, through the implementation of good practice tested at the local level.


– maintaining a close link and exchange of information between the local and national levels for more effective advocacy actions, as well as publicizing the real needs of the Roma community;

– Equal participation of women in solving community problems;

– optimizing and accumulating resources through partnerships with other Roma organizations and stakeholders in order to increase the effectiveness of actions;

– Every child and family deserves a chance for help to develop their full potential, in accordance with the organization’s code of ethics for working with children.