Currently Amalipe runs 12 projects within the sectors of: education, health care, social services and advocacy. Financed by the European Commission, Open Society Institute, Roma Education Fund, Bulgarian Ministry of Health.

·         Amalipe works with network of 250 schools all over the country. The objective is to decrease the dropout rate of the Roma population, introduce intercultural education, promote life-long learning in the Roma community and raise the educational status of Roma. Essential part of this work is by empowering Roma parents to take part in the school life of their children and converting the school into a center of the community.

·         In order to foster the self-organization of the Roma community, Amalipe has established 11 Roma Community Support Centers in the six regions of Bulgaria. Everyone of these centers operate with a network of three to six local community groups.

·         In addition, Amalipe cooperates with grass-root Roma organizations all over the country to organize advocacy campaigns and Roma integration activities in different fields such as: education, health care, social services, etc