Roma monitoring and evaluation of Roma community integration policies

Since 2005 Center Amalipe has built a system for Roma monitoring and evaluation of policies for Roma integration. The major aims of the Roma monitoring are:

·    To permanently inform the Roma community, Bulgarian and international institutions and society for policies and activities regarding Roma in Bulgaria: their impact on the situation of Roma and the way they are perceived by the Roma community itself;
·    To prepare analyzes and assessments of significant governmental initiatives directed to Roma integration (the implementation of the Framework program for equal integration of Roma into Bulgarian society, the Decade Action Plan and so on)
·    To be a partner and at the same time to monitor the activities of the institutions directed to Roma inclusion
·    To stimulate the interaction among the Roma organizations and communities from different parts of the country


The Roma monitoring covers the following fields: education, employment/ social issues, living conditions, health, gender issues, Roma participations.


The system for Roma monitoring and evaluation is comprised of a Monitoring committee and local organizations/ experts. They collect monthly information for their communities on all the activities and initiatives in the major fields of interest. The aim of this structure is to follow the implementation of the national policies at the local level: to what extent they are applied and what their effect is.
On the basis of the information collected Center Amalipe and the experts it works with prepare an annual report on the policies for Roma integration.

Up to the moment the following reports have been published:
·    Kolev, D., Krumova, T., Zahariev, B. Evaluation Report for the Implementation of Phare BG 0104.0”, 2006
·    Center Amalipe, Hot Line Agency. The Roma strategies in Bulgaria in the Eve of EU Accession, 2006
·    Center Amalipe. Annual report about the implementation of the policies for Roma integration in Bulgaria. 2007