Amalipe Center and the Student Parliaments of the Network “Every student will be a winner” Initiate a charity campaign “Together for the children of Ukraine”

In the first weeks of March, the Amalipe Center held regional online meetings of student parliaments on the network “Every student will be a winner”. The students once again showed us that they are socially engaged and compassionate, and when we discussed campaign ideas, they themselves identified “helping children coming from Ukraine” as their first goal. So we decided to support them and spread their ideas throughout the network to activate other young people who would like to help.

Student parliaments can:

  • create cards, letters and other gifts and toys for Ukrainian children. These children have lost their friends and their environment, it would be great for them if they feel “welcome” in our country, accepted, and why not make new friends;
  • create online support campaigns;
  • student mentors can help with the adaptation of Ukrainian youth who are / will be enrolled in their or nearby schools; or, if possible, to “meet” online with more distant students.
  • We also support all other types of campaigns that students organize.

The Amalipe Center will provide methodological support to student parliaments and student mentors through regional pedagogical coordinators. Several specific places with a higher concentration of refugee children will be selected, where cards, letters, etc. prepared by the students will be sent.

The centers where the refugee children are accommodated and which are part of the campaign are:

  • Balchik
  • Gorna Oryahovitsa
  • Novi Pazar
  • Ribaritsa
  • Svishtov
  • Sofia
  • Shumen
  • Yastrebino

We encourage students to share their campaigns and goodies online so that the good can be spread. Please also add the hashtag #ZaednoUP so we can see, collect and share their campaigns. Of course, we will be happy for you to send us information about what happened in order to promote it in the communication channels of the Amalipe Center.


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