Amalipe Center with ISO 9001 Certificate

Amalipe Center was approved for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2015 for organizing and conducting trainings, seminars, courses, workshops, specializations, qualification and retraining in the following areas of application: organization of educational and scientific forums, trainings for work in multicultural environment, training of parents, training for field workers in a multicultural environment, advocacy seminars, training to overcome traditional attitudes such as early marriages, training to overcome anti-Roma stereotypes and prejudices, training for teamwork and tolerance.

The acquisition of the certificate was one of the conditions for CMEDT Amalipe to register in the information register of the approved training programs for the professional development of pedagogical specialists of the Ministry of Education and Science. In mid-April, the organization managed to submit for approval 7 training programs on the following topics:

Ethnic Folklore – Roma Folklore;
Intercultural education as a means of preventing school drop out;
Pedagogical interaction in a multicultural environment “Every student will be a winner”;
Pedagogical and community practices for overcoming early marriages in a Roma community;
Managing the multicultural school and making the school a community center;
Working with parents in a multicultural environment: activating parents;
“Every student will be a winner”: practices for activating students and stimulating student activity;
The training programs are aimed at teachers, principals, pedagogical advisors, psychologists, educators and cover the experience of the Amalipe Center, gained during the numerous trainings that the organization has conducted since its establishment in 2002.

So far, the organization has trained over 3,000 pedagogical specialists to work in a multicultural environment.