Award for Achievements in Intercultural Dialogue 2015 by the Austrian Federal Ministry

At a special ceremony on December 14, the Deputy Ambassador of Austria HE Thomas Scholzl presented the award of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs for achievements in intercultural dialogue. It was awarded to the Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance for the project to reduce the dropout of Roma students from school – “Every student can be a winner”.

OU “P. R. Slaveykov ”- Dzhulyunitsa is one of the leading schools in this project, which was the motive for choosing the award to be accepted there by the chairman of Amalipe Center Deyan Kolev and representatives of the educational team of the organization. The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Lyaskovets Dr. Ivelina Getsova and many other friends of the school and the organization. The symbolic host was the director of the primary school “P. R. Slaveykov ”Daniela Hristova, and the young hosts – the Roma children greeted their friends from“ Amalipe ”and the Deputy Ambassador Thomas Stolzl.

Mr. Stoltzl’s most pleasant surprise was the performance of the song “Silent night, holy night” in German, accompanied by a beautiful dance. Dramatization of the fairy tale “Plums for Garbage” and many other performances were presented by the students, showing how children from different ethnic groups create, study and have fun together.

In her speech of thanks, Dr. Getsova emphasized that the effective work with the children from Pimary school “P.R .Slaveykov” in the village of Dzhulyunitsa, with their teachers and families, leads to a higher level of education, to a complete overcoming of the problem with dropouts. from school students and helps promote lifelong learning. “I want to note how much I appreciate the friendship and the positive development of our relations for years. I hope that we will continue to build a bridge of cooperation and effective contacts for a better future for children, ”she said. The headmaster presented Mr. Stoltzl, Deyan Kolev and the mayor Dr. Getsova gifts-souvenirs – beautiful panels with images of Christ and the Virgin, which the children made especially for the guests.

Following the award ceremony, the Austrian Deputy Ambassador examined the school and the renovated classrooms, the resource cabinet and the one where Roma children work with their teachers and parents on various projects.

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