Happy International Teacher’s Day!

Dear teachers,

Accept our heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of October 5 – International Teacher’s Day!
We are grateful to you for your dedication to the education and upbringing of our children! The relentless work and patience you put in helps students to be more confident in themselves, to believe that the key to achieving their dreams is education.
We are grateful for the high professionalism and unceasing dedication with which you meet and build the knowledge and skills of children every day.
Be ever so creative, ever so enthusiastic, full of energy and faith in what you do.

On behalf of the Center “Amalipe” we thank all colleagues, part of the network, who have accepted as their life’s mission the education of students, motivating them to be more inquisitive, active and inspiring their peers! Thank you for helping us tackle the challenges of school education together!

Happy holiday!