Representatives of institutions, teachers and students united in the events organized by Center “Amalipe”

“Amalipe” Center organized a series of events related to April 8 – International Roma Day. Students, representatives of various institutions and embassies took part in the events.

Meeting of Roma teachers with the Minister of Education and people’s representatives from the Committee on Education and Science:

The amendments to the Preschool and School Education Act prepared in recent months will not be adopted by the current National Assembly, but will be discussed in the new parliament immediately after its constitution. It is necessary to increase the standard for working with vulnerable groups at least for the fourth and fifth group of schools, so as to guarantee a higher salary for the teachers working in them. The introduction of educational mediators is already a sustainable policy and should continue with their qualification and higher pay. The National External Assessment for Grade 10 will be held on June 10th, starting at 11am. These and a number of other topics were discussed during a round table on the occasion of International Roma Day, April 8, in the National Assembly.

The Minister of Education, Prof. Tsokov, the Chairman of the Commission for Education and Science, Krasimir Valchev, and representatives from KON (Andrei Chorbanov – ITN, Ivaylo Mitkovski – PP-DB, Hristina Georgieva – GERB-SDS, Irena Anastasova – BSP, Prof. Neli Dimitrova – PP-DB, Mario Rangelov – DPS, Radoslava Chekanska – GERB-SDS, Rosen Kosturkov – PP-DB, Hristo Daskalov – PP – DB, Tsvetan Predov – ITN) met with over 40 Roma teachers on the initiative of the Amalipe Center. The meeting was held in the National Assembly on April 11. The teachers raised important questions from their practice that concern not only Roma children, but also all others: the low quality of education, the difficulties in literacy of children from families who travel abroad, language integration, desegregation, assessment of added value and a number of others . The questions about repetition in the initial stage, about the punishment of “suspension of child allowances for one year” in case of five unexcused absences and a number of others were not passed over either.

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Awarding ceremony for the winners of the student competition of the “Amalipe” Center:

At a ceremony held on April 11, organized by the Amalipe Center, the winners of the annual student competition, which this year was on the theme “My opinion matters for a United Europe”, were announced. The event, which took place in the National Library “St. Cyril and Methodius” for the second year in a row, moved both the young people present and the viewers on Facebook, where it was broadcast live.
This year’s theme of the competition – “My opinion matters for a united Europe” inspired hundreds of participants from all over the country to share their opinions and creative ideas. The variety of works was impressive and the civic stance expressed by the youth was remarkable. The performances were powerful, thought-provoking and moving, and the student opinions shared deserve to be heard nationally.
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Ambassador of Tolerance:

On the occasion of International Roma Day, April 8, President Rumen Radev, the ambassadors of the USA, Great Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, India, UNICEF for Bulgaria, the Minister of Education Prof. Galin Tsokov, the Head of the EC Representation in Bulgaria, deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy Ginka Mashova met with students – winners of the youth contest “My opinion matters for a united Europe”. They talked about the importance of youth civic participation, the challenges faced by young people (especially from the Roma community), whether girls and women in the Roma community need to overcome more barriers and where they can find support for this, the importance of education, for better life and civic realization. The ambassadors also shared what motivated them and what attracted them to accept a high diplomatic post in Bulgaria, they were interested in how they could help the Bulgarian youth and the initiatives for the integration of the Roma. They expressed their gratitude to the Amalipe Center for the many initiatives through which they empathize with the problems and ideas of young people and the Roma.

The contest “My opinion matters for a united Europe” was organized by the Amalipe Center with the support of the European Parliament. The aim of the competition is to encourage students to express their opinions on European values and how they correspond to their daily challenges and dreams. This year, the theme of the competition – “My opinion matters for a united Europe” – inspired over 100 participants to submit their written, video and visual materials. Winners of all age groups in the three categories – essay, video and visual materials – were given the opportunity to become Ambassadors for a day. They assumed the role of true diplomats and conveyed the message of tolerance, equality and understanding in key institutions in the capital.

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