The new Roma Plus platform was presented to educational experts

The new educational Platform created within the Roma Plus Project was presented to school principals, educational experts, mediators and NGO representatives. Within the two-year project Center Amalipe was part of an international team composed of Citizens Association for Support of Marginalised Groups Roma Resource Center Skopje (North Macedonia) (Coordinator), Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance (Bulgaria), Symplexis
 (Greece) and BK Consult (Germany). The event took place in Varna as part of a series of educational activities organized by Center Amalipe at the beginning of the new school year. Most of the participants are part of the educational network “Every student will be a winner” administered by Center Amalipe. It covers almost 300 schools all over the country. The aim of each school principal member of the Network is to manage to raise the educational motivation of children and parents and in this respect the Roma Plus project has provided a valuable resource for work with uneducated parents.

“Roma Plus Project – Boosting Literacy and Numeracy Skills for Roma people” has a unique crossborder approach, focusing on a geographical area where three Balkan Countries are meeting: North Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria. Roma population has proven to implement a high number of cross-border mobilities, initiating from the same cultural and linguistic origins of the Roma minority in the area. Due to these mobilities and movements of Adult Roma, the approach in the area is tailored to the needs of the targeted population.

Roma Plus project has aimed at the development of a new thriving peer learning experience for Adult (low-literate) Roma, increasing attractiveness of training and reducing drop-out rates among the Roma population, while enhancing the skills and competences of adult Trainers/Teachers in the use of new adult training techniques, tailored to the needs and particularities of the low-literate Adult Roma Population.

Access to the Roma Plus digital platform

The Roma Plus project is financed with the support of the Erasmus+ programme.