The first webinar for development and introduction of digital learning content, part of the Academy for Digital Intercultural Education “Amalipe” has passed

On November 26, at 2 pm, we started the Academy for Digital Intercultural Education through training on “Working with digital educational resources and using online applications to create digital content. Creating e-learning content.

The webinar brought together about 70 participants – principals and teachers from all over the country, in the online platform, who expressed a desire to get acquainted with the concept of the Amalipe Center for creating digital educational resources with intercultural elements.

The meeting was opened by Teodora Krumova, who presented the idea for the Academy for Digital Intercultural Education, as well as the need to create electronic lessons to serve in distance learning for students. Nelly Nikolova assisted in the presentation of the participants and the team of Amalipe.
Lecturers Vladimir Ivanov and Valeri Lekov gave technical and practical explanations about the types of lessons and their video recording, which can be developed within the Academy.
Participants were divided into virtual rooms with assigned group tasks, the results of which were presented by the leaders selected by each group.
With joint efforts it was proved that it is not the technical training and knowledge of the participants that is important, but their desire to build electronic lessons to fill the niche that is missing in modern digital education.