The following schools have been withdrawn, which will receive support from the campaign “Old devices for a new beginning”

After the extraordinary rise of the “Old devices for a New Beginning” campaign in 2020, we continue our efforts to provide a distance learning device to every child. Although measures have been weakened, students in many parts of the country are now learning online again. Obviously, in 2021, it will be necessary to move from live to distance learning. That is why we do not stop calling on anyone who can donate a working and suitable device to do so. In September 2020, we restarted our campaign and many people and organizations rejoined. The jury of the special edition o The Change competition also assessed the importance of the “Old devices for a New Beginning” initiative.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported us so far.

As the needs of many schools are still unmet and donors are sending devices, it was time to do a new draw to determine the order of the next supported ones. As in previous times on March 12 from 14.00 via Live on Facebook we randomly downloaded the next 30 schools and the order in which they will receive devices.

We appeal to all those who want to support students from the poorest families and the schools in which they study to conduct quality online training in the coming weeks and months. Let us together help to create the most urgent and necessary conditions for the inclusion of all students. Join the campaign, because the change is in the educated children! Any donation, no matter what the value, will help children stay in the learning process in these extreme conditions.

The Amalipe Center ensures that every lev or computer will reach the schools and students in greatest need, and you will be able to keep track of exactly which schools these tools and devices have reached.