Upcoming: Youth debate with candidates for members of the European Parliament – 15 May 2024, 2.00 pm (renewed)

On May 15, 2024 at 2:00 p.m. in Launchee, Sofia, the Amalipe Center and the active youth of the Amalipe Center are organizing a debate with representatives of the parties represented in parliament, which will take part in the upcoming elections for members of the European Parliament . At the debate, they will present and discuss commitments regarding youth policies and policies for equality, inclusion and participation of Roma and other vulnerable groups.

Who will participate
All political parties and coalitions represented in the 49th National Assembly (excluding PP Vazrazhdane) are invited to participate in the debate. At this moment, we have confirmation of participation from
Tsvetan Predov, PP There is such a people;
Stefan Tafrov, KP Continuing the change – Democratic Bulgaria;
Andrey Kovachev, KP GERB – SDS;
Vyara Emilova, PP BSP for Bulgaria
An invitation was also sent to the PP “Movement for Rights and Freedoms” (DPS)

The debate is NOT party bound to any formation and all participants are on equal footing during the debate.

The objectives of the debate are:

  • to show young people the culture of meaningful, constructive and evidence-based public debate on key public policies – how to conduct a debate in which participants defend these and present substantive arguments without violating personal dignity;
  • to give a platform to young people to put to the candidates for members of the European Parliament questions, problems and ideas that concern them in the field of education of young people and youth policies promoting civic engagement and tolerance
  • the candidates for members of the EP from the various political formations to hear the voices of young people and discuss in front of them different visions and specific measures for the development of effective youth policies that stimulate civil activity and tolerance, for the future of the European Union and our place in it.

The debate will also be broadcast online on the FB page of the Amalipe Center, as well as on www.amalipe.bg, where questions can also be asked. FOLLOW US ONLINE!

“Amalipe” Center has experience in organizing such debates – in March 2023 in Stara Zagora, Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo we held debates in which the leaders of the lists of GERB, PP-DB, BSP, DPS and Bulgarian Rise participated. Everywhere, the discussions of these youth debates took place in an extremely constructive tone, devoid of the usual personal attacks that usually accompanied the media format of these debates.


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The debate took place within the framework of the “EMPOWEREU: Encouraging the participation of youth and vulnerable groups in the European Parliament elections” project, funded by the European Parliament. However, the views and opinions expressed are entirely those of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the European Union or the European Parliament. Neither the European Union nor the European Parliament is responsible for them.