What social benefits are we entitled to?

We believe that by helping people, we are actually helping ourselves. Inspired by the educational mediators, we decided to gather in several lines information about what social benefits parents can benefit from in the current school year 2020-2021. Certainly the educational mediators will be the people who will be asked such questions, so the text below is aimed at them, in addition to parents, in order to be familiar and, if necessary, to inform the community with which they work!

  1. From 24.07.2020 in the respective directorate “Social assistance” the parents can submit an application-declaration for granting one-time assistance for students enrolled in the eighth grade of a state or municipal school, to cover part of the expenses at the beginning of the school year. 2020 – 2021. The application together with the necessary supporting documents are submitted to the Social Assistance Directorate at the current address of the family after enrolling the child in eighth grade, and the deadline for submitting documents is October 15 of the current school year. The aid amounts of 250 BGN. Will be pay on two time – 50 percent of its amount is paid after the entry into force of the order for its granting, and the rest is paid at the beginning of the second school term, if the child continues to attend school. The new aid will be provided to families similar to the one-time aid for students enrolled in the first grade to cover part of the costs at the beginning of the school year. The requirement is for the children to live permanently in the country and not to be placed for upbringing outside the family by the order of art. 26 of the Child Protection Act. The benefit will be received provided that the average monthly income of a family member for the previous 12 months is less than or equal to BGN 450. The benefit will be granted without an income test for children with permanent disabilities, children with one living parent and for children accommodated in families of relatives and close and foster families by the order of art. 26 of the Child Protection Act. An application for a grant can be obtained from the relevant Social Assistance Directorate or downloaded from the Agency’s website at the following link: https://asp.government.bg/bg/deynosti/sotsialno-podpomagane/sotsialni-pomoshti

Applications can be submitted:

– in person at the Social Assistance Directorate at the current address, and an identity card of the declarant should be presented for reference;

– through a licensed postal operator, the application should be in original.


  1. Families with children under the age of 14 will be entitled to monthly targeted assistance during an emergency or epidemic situation in the event that both or one of the working parents cannot work remotely from home and are unable to take paid leave. Parents who raise their children alone will have the same right. For families with one child the amount of the monthly allowance will be equal to the minimum wage – BGN 610 by the end of 2020. For families with two or more children the allowance will be 150 percent of the minimum wage or BGN 915 by the end of 2020 d. The aid will be granted in case the children study remotely in an electronic environment or do not attend nurseries and kindergartens, as well as pre-school groups due to the imposed restrictions for combating the coronavirus pandemic. Families in which both or one of the parents has lost their job but are not entitled to unemployment benefits or in the event that the amount of the benefit is less than the minimum wage will also be entitled to the new assistance. Families in which both or one of the parents is self-insured but unable to work due to the imposed restrictions in connection with the state of emergency or the emergency epidemic situation will also be able to receive monthly assistance. To be granted, the average monthly income of a family member for the month preceding the submission of the application-declaration should be lower or equal to the amount of the monthly minimum wage set for the country (BGN 610 for 2020). 

    3. Applications for heating shall be submitted by October 31 to the Social Assistance Directorates (SSA) at the current address, by means of a runway or electronic signature in the Secure Electronic Delivery System, as well as by mail. Anyone wishing to apply can get the necessary documents to fill in the place in the NSP or download them from the website of the Social Assistance Agency at: https://asp.government.bg/bg/deynosti/sotsialno-podpomagane/sotsialni-pomoshti .When considering the applications, it is taken into account whether the person has a disability, whether he has children, etc. The average monthly income for the last six months of the candidates must be lower than or equal to a coefficient based on their age and marital status.