4 schools will receive tablets with funds from the “Equal Chance” program

One of the long-standing programs that the Amalipe Center implements is “Equal Chance – Access to Secondary Education”, funded by the Trust for Social Achievement. The program is long-term, it was started in 2011 and it provides aids and transportation costs for young people in high school. The students who take part in it come from poor families, live in villages and small towns and study in secondary and vocational schools in big cities. In order to keep the boys and girls in school, the Amalipe Center helps them not only by covering transport costs and providing textbooks, but also by involving them in youth volunteering activities. Supported students are required to attend regular school, have an average grade of at least Good, and engage in extracurricular activities.

In the fall of 2019. The Amalipe Center was able to approve and include 138 young people from all over the country in the Program.

Given the imposed emergency measures and the establishment of distance learning from March 16 to the end of the school year, the students concerned do not travel. Accordingly, there is a financial balance under the Program. The Amalipe Center contacted the Trust for Social Achievement with a request that this surplus be used to purchase tablets for children who do not have devices through which to participate in distance learning.

We are grateful to TSA, who agreed and thanks to them 4 schools will receive the necessary devices. Of course, our donor had certain requirements: the schools should be vocational high schools that have stated the need for devices and should be provided to high school students who meet the conditions of the Equal Chance program:

  • They must be from socially disadvantaged families – with an income per family member of up to BGN 420;
  • to have an annual success for 2018-2019. minimum good 3.50.
  • to have up to 10 unexcused absences for the 2018-2019 school year.
  • to be motivated to complete their education
  • to not have a suitable device through which to engage in distance learning.
    Schools must provide us with documents certifying the first 2 requirement

Our desire as a donor is that the devices are NOT given to students like a present, but are given to them while they need them, after which they are returned to the school and it provides them to other needy students.

Vocational high schools that have stated that they need and have not been withdrawn before are:

  • PGSS “Dunavska zemya” – Kovachitsa village, district Montana
  • PGOD “Evridika” – Kardzhali
  • PGSS “BUZEMA” – Sofia
  • PGSS “St. George the Victorious ”-town. Suvorovo, region Varna
  • PG in agriculture – Targovishte
  • PGTHVT “Aleko Konstantinov” – Targovishte
  • PGLPEHT – Yambol
  • PGFR – Pazardzhik
    In our choice with priority are schools from which we have approved students in the program “Equal Chance” in the school year 2019-2020. Accordingly, the following are:

1.PGLPEHT – Yambol
2. PGFR – Pazardzhik
They are the first 2 schools to receive tablets with the rest of the funds under the Equal Chance program. To be fair, the other 2 vocational high schools were withdrawn at random, as well as the previous times in the campaign “Old devices for a new beginning”. The lucky winners are:

3. PGOD “Evridika” – Kardzhali

4. PGTHVT “Aleko Konstantinov” – Targovishte

These 4 schools will receive devices in the coming days.

We wish to the others success next time and hopefully more new donors will join the “Old devices for a New Beginning” Campaign.