Amalipe Center nominates its candidates for “Volunteer of the Year” through a Facebook poll

Amalipe Center made its nominations for the 10th National Volunteer of the Year competition, organized by the Astika Foundation. The nominees are Yuliana Stefanova and Esil Ayhanova, who were elected by voting on our Facebook page, which aroused record interest. Because we believe that our followers are really active and we know our activities we asked them which volunteers they would nominate. Their opinion completely covered ours. Among the proposed names were those of Bozhidar Slavchev and Zyumbyula Lambova.

What we did not expect, however, was the huge interest in the nominations. Our post gathered 516 comments and reached 2,796 people. That is why we decided to make 2 nominations for the competition of Astika Foundation. Due to the exceptional activity of the followers of the page, we realized that they will justify the nominations best and we asked them again – “Why do these two students deserve it”, and in each comment there were personal examples of people communicating and working with volunteers. And this time the reactions were extremely high – 249 comments and over 2000 people reached.

Thank you all for the exceptional activity and positive energy you sent to the girls. And now we have to keep our fingers crossed for them in the competition of the Astika Foundation, the results of which will be announced on December 5.

A little more about them:
Juliana is 16 years old and her mission is to bring as many of her classmates back to school as possible. She organizes charity events to raise funds for sick children, directs the Student Parliament at her school, writes poetry and essays to win literary competitions. Juliana lives in Dzhulyunitsa, she is a tenth grader at the local United School “P. R. Slaveykov ”.

Esil is from the village of Blagoevo. She is 17 years old and studies at High school “Angel Karaliychev” in Strazhitsa, in a class for Social Sciences. She is a participant in almost all initiatives, competitions or events at the municipal and district level, and is often their main organizer. Over the years, she has proven to be a clear school leader and an example to everyone else. She is the winner of the municipal Karaliycheva award, which is presented every year to the student with the most success during the year. One of her most exciting successes was her election as Ambassador for a day at the American Embassy.

Both have been active student mentors for years and are part of the activities of the Amalipe Center within the Special Edition of CHANGE.

The national competition “Volunteer of the Year” aims to give well-deserved recognition to the participants in volunteer activities that have contributed to improving the welfare, tolerance and solidarity in society. Bulgarian or foreign citizens over the age of 14 who have volunteered during the last calendar year in one of the following thematic areas can be nominated for participation: humanitarian activities, environment, human rights, culture and art, sports and physical activity. and participation in the European Solidarity Corps program.