The Ambassador of Switzerland – HE Ms. Cohen become an Ambassador of Good to support talented Roma children

The Ambassador of Switzerland to Bulgaria and our close friend and advocate – HE Mrs. Muriel Bercet Kohen, contacted the team of the Amalipe Center to become an Ambassador of Good and serve as a “bridge” between generosity and the opportunity for a child to make his dreams come true – even those he never dreamed of.

HE Ms. Kohen expressed her willingness to donate the electronic piano of her daughter to a child with talent whose family could not afford to provide him with a tool for his development.

Sixth-grader Veniamin Ruvachev, 11 years old, from the town of Kotel, is a student in the National School of Folk Arts “Filip Kutev”, where he studies “folk singing”.

“We are the Ruvachev family,
an ordinary Roma family, with two wonderful boys – Blagovest, 23, a graduate of the National School of Folk Arts “Philip Kutev” and Veneamin, 11, who this school year will be 6th grade in the same school.

Our whole family is blessed with musical talent – me, my wife and little Veni, we sing, and our elder son – Blagovest – plays guitar and sings. Blagovest was a good student. He has won many awards from national competitions. He used to be a student at the Music Academy in Plovdiv but stopped his studies due to financial reasons.

The path we have chosen to follow is dedicated to the Christian faith and the people in need. The main style of music we play is Christian music but we love also Bulgarian folklore. We create our songs in Romani and Bulgarian in order to reach more people, and we also appreciate our mother tongue. ” – the father Angel Ruvachev shares.

The piano was delivered in person to the family home by Tanya Hristova – our regional coordinator for Southeast Bulgaria.

“I have known Benjamin since he was a baby, an extremely talented and well-mannered child. When I went to his house, he had no idea what awaited him. We let him open the boxes alone – he was speechless. His parents’ eyes filled with tears and their faces shone. “We couldn’t even dream of such a thing,” were the only words of the father. What impressed me was the fact that he knew the elements of the instrument and how to handle it. I couldn’t wait he turns it on and starts playing.”
You can touch to the talent of the Ruchevi’s HERE

The team of Amalipe Center wishes Benjamin creative success, inspiration and high educational achievements on the way forward!

Pictures:, photos: Tanya Hristova