Bakhtalo o Vasily! Bakhtalo Nevo Bresh! Happy Vasilyovden! Happy New Year!

Dear colleagues and friends,

January 14 is Vasilyovden – a holiday known as the Roma New Year and which for years we celebrate as the Day of Roma Culture.

The celebration of Vasilyovden is associated with an old legend that the Devil destroyed the bridge on which the Roma walked, but St. Vasil rebuilt it so that they could cross the purifying water and begin their new life. That is why St. Vasil’s Day is the day when – through the power of tradition and ritual – we build bridges to the coming days with the belief that they will be better!

This belief has been threatened over the past year. However, the Covid pandemic taught us that we can do it together, made more contrasting categories such as “good” and “evil,” helped us discover potential in ourselves that we did not expect we had. The past year has presented Bulgarian education with a huge challenge. The pandemic proved to be a catalyst for processes that would otherwise have lasted for years and gave impetus to digitalisation, which reached even the most remote schools and the most vulnerable students. We are pleased that together with the network of schools maintained by the Amalipe Center “Every student will be an excellent student”, which unites nearly 300 primary, basic, united, secondary and vocational schools, together with educational mediators in the field, who did not rest in a single day. from the state of emergency, and then, together with partners like you, we were able to successfully overcome these challenges.

In just three months, during the state of emergency, schools that teach children from the most vulnerable communities have managed to increase by nearly 20% and reach more than 50% of students involved in synchronous distance learning in an electronic environment. We are convinced that at the end of 2020 this percentage has become even higher. In 52% of schools, distance learning has made parents more involved in their children’s learning process during distance learning, and educational mediators have become an extremely important part of school education teams.

On the eve of Vasilitsa we want to wish you good health, happiness and success! Let the New Year 2021 help us to rebuild not only the bridges between us, but also towards ourselves! Let it bring us strength to continue to fight together to achieve our common causes for the Roma community and for Bulgaria!

Bakhtalo o Vasily! Bakhtalo Nevo Bresh!

Happy Vasilyovden! Happy New Year!


The team of Amalipe Center