Community Development Centers celebrated Vasilitsa – the Roma New Year

For another year, the community development centers celebrated the Roma New Year “Vasilyovden”.

In recent years, Vasilitsa (also known in the media as Bango Vasili) has gained popularity as the Roma New Year. In fact, this is St. Basil’s Day, celebrated by the so-called “Old style” (ie the Julian calendar) and only until 3-4 generations ago this was the day on which ethnic Bulgarians and other groups also celebrated the New Year. Currently, Vasilitsa is not celebrated by all Roma in Bulgaria: for some Roma groups it is a major calendar holiday, and others have even lost the memory of it.

However, we always try to remember what the holiday is about.

How in some places the mediators celebrated the holiday.

Veliko Tarnovo District

For another year, the Center for Community Development in Strazhitsa celebrated Vasilitsa – the Roma New Year. The mayor of Strazhitsa municipality Rumen Pavlov, the deputy mayors eng. Katya Petrova and eng. Georgi Byanov and the chairman of the Municipal Council Ilian Marinov were survakan and called for health and luck. Survakarcheto received gifts from the municipal leadership. Educational mediator Irena Mihailova toured the Roma neighborhood and handed out brochures related to St. Basil’s Day, with the aim of getting most people acquainted with the traditions and customs of this holiday.
Batak village
The educational mediator of the Center for Community Development in Pavlikeni Stefan Stefanov, Valeri Angelov Expert “Educational integration through the development of the local community”, together with

the director of the Primary School “St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”in the village of Batak Shenay Nuriev, accompanied by volunteers – graduates of the school, survaka the mayor of the village of Batak – Zenko Marinov, as well as other representatives of the mayor’s office. They did not miss the secretary of the National Chitalishte “Awakening” Irinka Dimitrova. After the events related to survakana, Stefan Stefanov distributed information materials related to the holiday and customs in the Roma community.

Byala cherkva

On 14.01.2021 the educational mediator Nikola Georgiev accompanied a volunteer who was the survaka for health and prosperity of the director of the Primary School “Bacho Kiro” in Byala Cherkva Alexander Mihailov and his whole team This was followed by the distribution of information brochures about the celebration of Vasilitsa among the community.
Shumen region
Valnari village
On the eve of the holiday Vasilitsa, the Roma New Year, Silvia Miteva and Plamena Lazarova, organized meetings with the Roma community in the villages of Pet Mogili and Valnari, N. Kozlevo municipality. At these meetings with children, survachki were prepared and the mayors survaka. Talks were also held about the traditions related to the Vasilitsa and Bango Vasil holidays.
Novi pazar

Novi Pazar Community Development Center, together with volunteers, survaked the representatives of the school staff of the VOCATIONAL SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE in Novi Pazar. After the events, the mediator distributed brochures related to St. Basil’s Day in the Roma community.

For another year, the Center for Community Development in Smyadovo congratulated Dimitrina Marinova, Deputy Mayor of the municipality, as well as the entire municipal staff. Educational mediator Remzie Husseinova also distributes information materials about the Roma New Year – St. Basil’s Day.

Vidin district
Municipality of Novo Selo
On 14.01.2021 Survakars welcomed the municipal councilors from the municipality of Novo Selo at the entrance of the municipality, giving them survakats for health and a banquet in 2021. Educational mediators also distribute brochures related to this holiday.
Vratsa District
Kravoder village
The educational mediator at the village of Kravoder, Tihomir Georgiev, accompanied student volunteers who survaked the mayor, Mr. Iliya Todorov Perchinkov, as well as the entire team of the City Hall. Nikolai also distributed informational materials in the Roma neighborhoods about St. Basil’s Day.
Byala Slatina
With the onset of one of the biggest Roma holidays Vasilitsa-Roma New Year, the Center for Community Development Byala Slatina celebrated the holiday with an online meeting. Vesselin Ninov, an 11th grade

student, told about the customs and the traditional celebration of the holiday in its area, giving a presentation on St. Basil’s Day. The volunteers visited the Directorate of the Labor Office, where Mr. Ilcho Iliev, director of the Labor Office, traditionally served.

Burgas District
On 14.01.2021. the mediator at Sredets Municipality Mariyka Racheva and volunteers at the Amalipe Center distributed information materials about Vasilitsa in the Roma neighborhood of the town.

Pleven Region

On 14.01.2021. the mediator to the municipality of Gulyantsi Nikolay Ognyanov and volunteers to the Amalipe Center distributed information materials about Vasilitsa in the Roma neighborhood of the city. And on the 15th they took part in an online meeting on the occasion of Vasilitsa with Dr. Eleonora Lilova – Chairman of the National Council for Child Protection and the Advisory Council on Children at the State Agency for Child Protection.