The “I want to study” fund collected over BGN 7,500 to support students in need. Find out how you can help too.

In 2022, the “Amalipe” Center launched a Fund for students who are on the threshold of higher education and have the desire and motivation to continue studying, but do not have the opportunity due to reasons beyond their control. Through this campaign, we aim to help current students or university-ranked seniors to cover their semester fees, dormitory fees, study aids or other expenses related to their higher education. Of course, this assistance will be provided after applying and meeting certain conditions related to the social situation and motivation of the young people. For the period from the beginning of the campaign until now, we have received a lot of individual and corporate donations, and today we are happy to announce that we have collected BGN 7,562 so far. Heartfelt thanks to all donors! Through this amount, we will be able to support five students this fall.

However, the need is much greater. In the summer of 2023 we also announced the competition for applying for support from the “I want to study” fund. Many young people from all over the country, of different ethnicities, of different ages and stages of their education, applied. From various universities and specialties – future teachers, lawyers, doctors, managers, marketing specialists, etc. They have one thing in common – that they have one dream: to study, develop, graduate from university and realize themselves professionally. And unfortunately they are experiencing financial difficulties for one reason or another.

The young people who applied wrote us wonderful motivational letters, through which they touched us deeply and showed us how much they really want to get an education. They are very successful, active and purposeful. Most of them are also volunteers in various organizations and campaigns and want to change for the better not only their future, but also the people around them.

We are proud that so many wonderful and inspiring young people have applied for support and want to make their dreams come true!

We are happy to be able to help some of them thanks to your support! However, more funds raised means more students helped on the path to their dreams. Therefore, we urge you to continue supporting the future of Bulgaria and the “I want to study” fund! Today’s students are the future professionals we and our children will rely on, and they deserve to be by their side.

Any help, regardless of its value, is useful and we are extremely grateful to every donor! We guarantee you that the funds will be received by the youth and used as intended, and in the future we will share with you the stories of the students who received support.

Expressing our gratitude, we would also like to tell you about the first donors who joined since the foundation of the Fund. The first donors in the campaign are Hanna Gjelten Hattrem and Tim Brignall, who donated BGN 2,827 collected during their wedding celebration. Years ago, living in the village of Vodoley, they became empathetic to the problems of the Roma community and volunteered in the activities of the Amalipe Center. Years later, they decided to offer their wedding guests instead of bouquets and gifts to donate to the Amalipe Center cause. So they set up a GoFundme page for donations and invite their friends to transfer there the money they would have otherwise set aside for the wedding. Hannah and Tim are happy to be able to help the Bulgarian youth. You can find out more about them and their motivation from the interview we conducted with them HERE.

If you also want to become part of the “I want to learn” fund and donate an amount through which we can help even more young people, you can do it through:

Our campaign is also supported by Reach for change, to whom we sincerely thank!