I want to study Fund for support of students

Many children from vulnerable groups cannot continue their education in a higher education institution due to the financial barrier and the lack of support from parents who either do not value higher education or do not have the means to do so. Most students aim to complete their secondary education in order to start working and financially support their families, and this limits their development as individuals and their realization in the labor market. Education is the most direct path to successful realization in life, expressed in the achievement of financial success, independence and respect in society. To an even greater extent, this applies to Roma girls, who are often victims of multiple discrimination. The Roma community has enormous potential that can help Bulgaria become a more developed and economically stronger country. Women in the community can help this process happen much faster, especially if I am given this chance…

Our aim is to raise a fund for students who have the desire and skills to continue their education, but do not have this opportunity due to reasons beyond their control. Quality education is the key to a better quality of life, competitiveness in the labor market and achieving independence. At the same time, the campaign is not aimed at helping only young people from the Roma community who want to study, but all young people who are in similar difficult conditions. Because every child who wants to learn should have this chance!

Educated people are respected and valued in society!

Educated people think differently!

Educated people distinguish good from bad and strive for it!

Educated people help themselves and others to cope with the challenges of the modern dynamic world!


Let’s help today and now, because the future is in educated children!

More about the campaign and how you can get involved, expect here!


The Amalipe Center is the largest Roma organization that works for better education, community development and the equal integration of Roma into Bulgarian society. The name itself shows the goals and the way the organization works – ” Amalipe ” is a Romani word meaning “friendship”: working for Roma integration, we include people of all ethnicities. This will help the better life of all ethnicities and active people of all ethnicities should participate in this process. And this path goes through the EDUCATION we try to give to the children, parents and community we work with, together with nearly 300 schools across the country, united in the Every Student Will Excel Network and over 250 educational mediators.