“Nikola Y. Vaptsarov” elementary school – Selanovtsi village carried out its first planned activity under the “65 YEARS TOGETHER WITH ONE GOAL” project

“Shared by the Regional Coordinator” section

Project “65 YEARS TOGETHER WITH ONE GOAL” of “Nikola Y. Vaptsarov” Primary School – Selanovtsi village and financed by TSOIDUEM carried out its first planned activity. The activity was implemented in January through a school holiday under the motto “Bread is one”. Groups formed and financed by the National Program “Together in the Arts and Sports” had the opportunity to perform there, incl. and on “Folklore of the ethnic groups”. Through dances, songs and reenactment of a ritual table in front of a large audience, the festive atmosphere of one of the most loved holidays – Vasilitsa – was recreated.

Mrs. N. Stavreva – director of the school, presented special certificates for the active participation and excellent performance in the national campaign “Vasilitsa, 2023”, organized by the “Amalipe” Center. A representative group led by Mrs. Nina Dimitrova had the opportunity to visit the “Education Program” Executive Agency and TSOIDUEM.

And the special guests of the event had the opportunity to enjoy the festive atmosphere and delicious dishes – Mrs. Petya Rusinova – former director of the school and Mrs. Y. Danova – regional coordinator of the “Amalipe” Central Medical Center.






The “Every student will be a winner” network includes 287 educational institutions from all over the country that have united in achieving the goals of the Amalipe Center program and supported by the Trust for a Social Alternative. The goals include: dropout prevention and retention of all students in school, increasing the number of reintegrated/re-enrolled children, increasing the number of Roma adults involved in forms of lifelong learning, significantly increasing the percentage of Roma youth, who continue their education in secondary schools/high schools, active involvement of parents in school life.