Over 50 educational mediators took part in the training of educational mediators.

In its series of webinars that the Amalipe Center plans to hold within the network ” Every student will be an excellent student””, the Amalipe Center conducted an online training of educational mediators on the topic: “Education in the conditions of COVID-19, what social rights do we have “With guest speakers Deyan Kolev, Teodora Krumova and Eleonora Dimitrova! The training was held through the Zoom platform on September 23, 2020. from 10:00 and is part of a series of trainings we started this fall to support schools from the “Every Student Will Be Excellent” network. The desire is to be useful to principals, teachers, mediators and parents in the new conditions of education during a pandemic.


More than 50 educational mediators took part in the training. During the training Deyan Kolev acquainted the educational mediators with the guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Science regarding the new school year 2020/2021, as well as what will be their obligations in the new school year. In addition, Eleonora Dimitrova introduced them to the social rights that parents have, focusing on the new social benefits when children go to e-learning, as well as social benefits not only for first graders but also for eighth graders for which parents can receive a lump sum. assistance in the amount of BGN 250, paying special attention to the necessary documents, as well as to the application deadlines.
The educational mediator is one of the main factors in the introduction of distance learning in a school with a concentration of vulnerable groups. Almost all of them distributed printed materials, which was the only way to reach the students without devices. This year there will again be moments when we will move to distance learning in an electronic environment, so educational mediators must be prepared and ready to meet the needs of principals, teachers and students! At the moment, it is important to adapt to working online and try to make these meetings effective in order to get the most out of them with the tools and opportunities provided by virtual events.