Professional High School of Fashion Design – Veliko Tarnovo celebrated the International Safer Internet Day

February 9 has been declared as the International Safer Internet Day, the beginning being set in 2004 by the initiative of the European Network of Safer Internet Centers “Insafe”, operating within the framework of the European Commission’s “Safer Internet” program. On this day, events are organized in order to raise the awareness of Internet users about the possible dangers that can be encountered online.

In connection with the celebration of the International Safe Internet Day, students from the school student council at the professional high school of Fashion Design prepared a presentation under the motto “Together for a Better Internet”. Counselors developed hard copy rules for classroom bulletin boards. The initiative is an expression of concern for the safety of children in the digital world.





The “Every student will be a winner” network includes 287 educational institutions from all over the country that have united in achieving the goals of the Amalipe Center program and supported by the Trust for a Social Alternative. The goals include: dropout prevention and retention of all students in school, increasing the number of reintegrated/re-enrolled children, increasing the number of Roma adults involved in forms of lifelong learning, significantly increasing the percentage of Roma youth, who continue their education in secondary schools/high schools, active involvement of parents in school life.