RADIRIGHTS project launched with a partnership meeting and training to counter fake news.

From 23 to 26 January 2023, the kick-off meeting of the RADIRIGHTS project (Engaging Roma communities in democratic decision-making and public debate by identifying misinformation and empowering communities in four EU countries to challenge it) took place in Budapest, Hungary. It was accompanied by training of the team and mediators from each country on the main channels of communication, how to get our message across, how to counter fake news and how to help the community to fight back and articulate their needs and messages clearly.


The training was attended by representatives from the following countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain and Hungary. Participants from Amalipe Center were Deyan Kolev – chairman of Amalipe Center, Teodora Krumova – program director of Amalipe Center, Atanas Atanasov – coordinator of work with parents, Valeri Angelov – coordinator of work with parents and educational mediators Irena Mihaylova and Stefan Stefanov. The training was opened with a presentation of the participants and each of them told where they came from, what they do and which Roma communities they work with.

Within the framework of the project, each country will choose three localities to implement the activities. All participants received training on identifying participatory methods, interview techniques and conducting focus groups. As part of the project, the impact of misinformation on Roma communities in the four countries Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Spain will be investigated.


You can read more about the project here:

RADIRIGHTS Resistance Against Disinformation For Democratic Rights