Students from Philip Sakelarievich Primary School in Svishtov received a donation from the Old Technique for a New Beginning Campaign

In the fall of 2020. we restarted the campaign “Old technology for a new beginning”. Seeing that the need for devices is still great, and online learning is still a fact for most students, we could not help but continue our efforts. We started looking again for a way to provide the necessary computers and tablets to students in need. The jury of the special edition of Change believed in our cause and supported us. We were supported by many other individual donors, companies and embassies. Now is the time to thank them all.

However, we are not the only ones grateful. We started in 2021 with the distribution of the collected donations and many of them are already in the hands of their new owners – children who have a great desire to learn, but so far have not had this opportunity.

Some of them are the students from Philip Sakelarievich Primary School in Svishtov. They received 10 tablets purchased through a financial donation received with the assistance of the Special Edition of CHANGE.


Here is what the school told us:

The management and the pedagogical staff of the Philip Sakelarievich Primary School express their deep gratitude to the Amalipe Center and the donors. Thanks to the campaign “Old technology for a new beginning” 10 more of our students will carry out their distance learning in an electronic environment without problems and conveniently.
Thank you for your care and attention to our children! Your big hearts make you empathize with our desire to improve the environment in which our students learn and develop! Your support inspires us with faith and strength to continue working for the sake of our future – the children! Be healthy!


Dear friends from Amalipe, dear donors, we express our deep gratitude for the gesture of empathy, which you showed with the donated 10 tablets for the students from the Philip Sakelarievich Primary School in Svishtov. Thanks for the outstretched hand! Thank you for your support, for your attention, for your care! Thanks for the smiles on the children’s faces! You have donated not just devices with which children will carry out their distance learning! You have given an equal chance of success! We wish you to keep your faith in the good and pass it on to everyone around you, because we need real miracles to happen! We believe that you will continue to be with us, because our common goal is to ensure a better future for children. Be healthy!
Emilia Ivanova,
Director of Philip Sakelarievich Primary School, Svishtov