Students from the Network “Every student will be a winner” participated in an information meeting to increase civic activity and continue education, organized by the “Amalipe” Center and the Varna University of Management

On March 18, 2024, at the initiative of the “Amalipe” Center, students from PGSS “St. Georgi Pobedonosets”, Suvorovo visited the Varna University of Management. The discussion took place in the conference hall of the university. The students were welcomed by Academic Director Dr. Nina Zlateva, Marketing Department Director – Siyana Smoletsova, Student Welfare Department Director – Savina Peneva, Culinary Instructor, Chef Kaloyan Kolev from the Culinary Academy of VUM.

The aim of the meeting was to raise the awareness of 11th and 12th grade students who have just received or are about to receive the right to vote for the first time, about the role and democratic values of the EU, the European institutions and their powers . The lecturers explained to the participants in detail the importance of civic activity in the democratic process at the national and supranational level, the functioning of the EP, the decision-making process in the EU and the importance of voting.

The meeting was opened by the Regional Coordinator at the Amalipe Center Zhanna Vasileva, who thanked the hosts for participating in the campaign and emphasized that young people in Bulgaria have the right to determine their future and the future of the EU by voting, learning and changing the world, in who live.

The students presented the high school “St. Georgi Pobedonoset”, innovations, projects and their achievements. Dr. Nina Zlateva and her colleagues projected a film about the high school and presented history, achievements and disciplines that are studied at VUM, after which a game was played with the students in groups with questions about VUM. The winners were awarded.

The most impressive was the visit to the Culinary Academy of VUM, where the students were welcomed by culinary instructor, Chef Kaloyan Kolev. He told about the academy, about its successful, famous graduates, about the Michelin stars, about the culinary dinners and many other interesting things. There were many questions from possible future students of VUM, as well as great interest in receiving a British diploma on the territory of Bulgaria, which will be recognized in the EU.

After the meeting, the young people not only got to know the university environment closely and could see themselves as future students of the institution, but also realized that they, through their right to vote and choose, can change their lives and the world in where they live.

The informational meeting with young people and professors from universities is part of a series of meetings that the “Amalipe” Center organizes in connection with the upcoming elections for the European Parliament. The meeting is part of the activities of the “EmpowerEU: Fostering Participation of youth and vulnerable groups in the EU elections” project.

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