Support the Amalipe Center in the Special Edition of THE CHANGE!

“THE CHANGE is in educated children,” believes the Amalipe Center.

That is why it has been working for 20 years for the better future of Roma children and youth, and along with them – for the whole community. They help them get to know and preserve their culture and history. They also help our whole society to get to know the Roma community. They introduce civic values and local civic leadership into the community to help it modernize, advocate for its development, and overcome prejudice and social exclusion.

They believe that change begins with education. In partnership with nearly 300 schools across the country, they have created a model that makes the school an interesting and welcoming place for every child. They involve parents in school life, create a network of student mentors. They focus on the capabilities and successes of each child and give him/her the confidence that he/she can succeed. As a result, in the schools where they work, less than 1% of children drop out of the educational process. Early marriages have decreased, and 92% of students continue to study after 7th grade.

The team of the Special Edition of THE CHANGE believed in us and our cause and chose us to be part of the great organizations that strive every day to change the lives of Bulgarian children. If you also believe in us and want to help us, you can support us by donating to the PLATFORMATA.

The special edition of THE CHANGE praised our efforts to help children affected by the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic through the Old Devices for a New Beginning Campaign.

Due to the second wave of the epidemic and the expected distance learning in the fall, we restarted our Device Campaign.

Do you have an old but working device or do you want to buy a new one? Find out how you can get involved here:

RESTART of the campaign “Old devices for a new beginning” with the next 30 withdrawn schools

And how did we win the jury of THE CHANGE?

Get acquainted with the video we prepared especially for our application (available only in Bulgarian):