The 17th Children’s Roma Festival “Open Heart” is postponed

For the second year in a row, Amalipe Center made an attempt to continue its long tradition of holding the Children’s Roma Festival “Open Heart”. Unfortunately, due to the emergency situation and the changed circumstances in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Open Heart Festival is canceled indefinitely until the situation normalizes. It is important for us to protect the health of the children who would take part in the festival. Optimistic about the fact that the autumn edition of the Children’s Roma Festival is possible, it was not only us, the team of Amalipe Center, but also the schools and their students who expressed a desire to participate.

We hope that in the next 2022 we will succeed in better and safer for all our health conditions to show the unforgettable and unique magic that everyone can touch at the Children’s Roma Festival.

Open Heart Festival has been organized for 16 consecutive years. It traditionally includes about 2,000 students of different ethnic backgrounds from all over the country and abroad, included in the groups on “Folklore of ethnic groups – Roma folklore” or in extracurricular activities aimed at educational integration. Each school presents a program lasting up to 5 minutes. The presented program includes elements of traditions, crafts, fairy tales and music folklore, history, way of life and culture of the Roma ethnic group in the context of the national Bulgarian culture and shows the connection and common elements between the culture of different ethnic groups in Bulgaria. In parallel with the stage program within the Festival always organizes a Plein Air of extracurricular activities aimed at educational integration, in which each school can present its activities in the form of an exhibition, studio, posters and other materials that students have made during of the school year or work out on site.