The Center for Community Development in the town of Strazhitsa celebrated the Day of Tolerance

For the day of tolerance, the Educational Mediator-Irena Mihailova distributed information materials – brochures related to the topic and made clover with the 10 golden rules of tolerance. Part of the student council of secondary school “Angel Karaliychev” in Strazhitsa, teachers and parents took part in the campaign. Also today was held an online zoom meeting in which volunteers and educational mediators took part. And the topic was “Understanding and tolerance between people.” Everyone had the opportunity to share – for him what tolerance means and give examples. As volunteers, they mentioned that tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of the world’s cultures.

Last but not least, the students from secondary school “Angel Karaliychev” in Strazhitsa celebrated the Day of Tolerance, together with the Student Council and some teachers who expressed a desire to participate. Students from different classes took part. Despite the difficult situation, each of them decided to send a message to everyone, through a photo and a letter with the caption: “Let’s be tolerant.” All epidemic measures were taken during the events.

The activities are part of a project: BG05M9OP001-2.018-0007-2014EN05M2OP001-C01 “Integration of vulnerable groups in the municipality of Strazhitsa”.