The children from Mirovtsi with Easter gifts from the Association “Faithful Steward”

Among the hills of the Ludogorsko plateau is nestled the school of the village of Mirovtsi – “Vasil Levski” primary school. All 35 students studying in the old building enjoy each visitor and readily show how much they have learned from their teachers. On the eve of Easter, the students from the club “Folklore of ethnic groups – Roma folklore” prepared and presented a wonderful celebration to their guests – regional educational coordinator, educational mediator and volunteers. The kids charged everyone present with their sunny smiles and positive energy. They competed to express themselves and tell what they had learned, what they knew about the upcoming holidays. They shared how they celebrate Easter and St. George’s Day and what their family traditions are.

Among the variety created by colorful eggs and different costumes, the different faces of the children made an impression – small and big, light and darker, but all smiling! The children of the school in the village of Mirovtsi, Novi Pazar municipality, are a wonderful example of how children of different ethnicities and different religions learn and live in peace and harmony. A diversity that makes friends, develops and enriches! For the created friendly and calm atmosphere among the students we have to congratulate the team of the school, which, although a little bit, managed to become a second home for its graduates. And they respond with diligence, knowledge and respect.

And just as all the children participated wholeheartedly in the Easter program, so did all receive gifts. Easter bags with treats, donated by the Association “The Faithful Steward” – Burgas, as a reward for good and curious children! In this way, even bigger smiles appeared on their faces, because they felt the care and love of others!

Amalipe Center congratulates “Vasil Levski” Primary School in the village of Mirovtsi for their efforts to create an environment of diversity and tranquility for children. As well as we thank the Association “The Faithful Steward” for once again helping us in our mission to make every child feel special and cared for.