The educational mediator Berivan Emilova at the “Pencho P. Slaveykov” United School works in the field in the village of Markovo

The educational mediator Berivan Emilova at the United School “Pencho P. Slaveykov” in the village of Markovo conducted field work on March 30, 2022, together with teachers and class teachers of students from I to VII grade. The purpose of the field work is to look for students who are systematically absent from school for various disrespectful reasons. The mediator said that work should be done to prevent students from dropping out of school and increase the motivation of Roma children to attend school. The activity of the mediator is to inform parents and acquaint them with their rights and obligations in health care, prevention of early marriages, motivation and information through campaigns, health, education and other various initiatives related to the Roma and non-Roma community. The mediator carries out and works in the field – case detection, mediation in the process of communication between the local community and the people working in institutions. Berivan said that communication between teachers, mediators and parents must be continuous in order to achieve results. The mediator applies new approaches in working with parents – trainings, lectures, talks and informal meetings. It is important to emphasize that the use of different approaches to work with parents and students will contribute to good performance in ensuring that no students drop out of school.