The final conference on the Rtransform project will be held on September 7 in Brussels at 11:00 a.m.! Live streeming will be available too!

European Project RTRANSFORM is proud to announce the Final Conference: ROMA WOMAN LEADERS OF CHANGE, to be held at the European Parliament in Brussels on September 7th, 2023 at 11.00 CET. This groundbreaking event aims to celebrate and empower Roma women who have emerged as leaders of transformative change.

Brussels, Belgium – September 7th, 2023

For the last three years a consortium of nine organizations from Spain, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom promoting Roma women has developed a comprehensive model for empowerment of Roma women at local, national and international level. The model includes grassroot empowerment actions, online and in person campaigns and systematic advocacy efforts for raising the issues of Roma women higher in the agenda of policy-makers and various stakeholders. For the last three years the project has stressed on the importance of applying Gatherings as a transformative tool in education for Roma women and girls in Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, UK and Spain.

Within the framework of the conference, recommendations for policies at the national and European level regarding education will be presented directly from the voices of the Roma women and girls who will participate.

There will participants also from Amalipe Center. Amalipe Center is one of the co-founders of the Bulgarian platform of the EWL and we strongly believe that Roma women issues should be integral part of women’s rights agenda. Therefore, the event is a great opportunity to listen to the voices of Roma women from the ground and jointly discuss how we can support these women.


  • 11:00 – 11:25 – Opening – Welcome: The conference kicks off with a warm welcome, setting the stage for a day of insightful discussions and inspiring stories.
  • 11:25 – 12:00 – Panel 1: Roma Women Students Gatherings as a Transformational Tool

Raquel Heredia Gil, Social Educator. Drom Kotar Mestipen participant, Spain
Ibolya Wenczler, Amrita OBK Association participant, Hungary
Lorena Vanda Imre, Amrita OBK Association, participant, Hungary
Chara Skourta, Alternative Innovative Development participant, Greece
Hany Hersh Mohamad, Care for young people’s future participant, United Kingdom
Comments and Questions

  • 12:00 – 12:35 – Panel 2: Social and Political Impact – RTransform: Esteemed speakers will discuss the profound social and political impact of the RTransform project, including:

Andrea Khalfaoui Larrañaga, PHD. Researcher at Deusto University, Drom Kotar Mestipen
board member, Spain
Veronika Wenczler, Ambedkár Gimnázium participant, Hungary
Janos Orsós, Coordinator at Ambedkár Gimnázium, Hungary
Terezia Rostas, Coordinator at Care for young people’s future, United Kingdom
Mira Kirilova, Amalipe Center, participant, Bulgaria
Teodora Krumova, Coordinator at Amalipe Center, Bulgaria
Vasiliki Vatali, Project Coordinator

  • 12:35 – 13:00 – Closing Remarks: will provide closing remarks, summarizing the day’s discussions and celebrating the accomplishments of Roma women leaders.

Manuela Fernandez Ruiz, Director at Equality and Non-Discrimination Office. Generalitat de Catalunya
Maria Alegria Gabarri, Drom Kotar Mestipen participant, Spain

Comments and Questions sessions will follow each panel, providing attendees with the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers.

FREE REGISTRATION: This conference is open to all citizens and will be available for streaming. Limited seats are available for in-person attendance at the European Parliament. Live Streaming here: 

JOIN US: Be a part of the ROMA WOMAN LEADERS OF CHANGE conference and help celebrate the achievements of Roma women who are shaping the future.

About European Project RTRANSFORM:

RTransform is a project aimed at the active inclusion of Roma women and girls in social life and guaranteeing the respective rights. The project is being implemented. The project focuses on finding equal access to quality and inclusive education, training and lifelong learning for Roma women. The project contributes to empowering and supporting the Roma community by focusing on the education system, which is a key area for achieving their social inclusion and improving their access to rights. See more here:

Roma Women transforming the educational systems around Europe through their social and political mobilizations (RTRANSFORM)