Vasilitsa 2021 was also celebrated in the town of Veliko Tarnovo

The beginning of the celebration of Vasilitsa by the Amalipe Center began on January 13, 2021. with the traditional survaka present in the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and the District Administration of Veliko Tarnovo, where in strict compliance with the anti-epidemic measures, the little survakarts from the United School “P.R. Slaveykov”, Dzhulyunitsa brought a festive mood and survaka the two institutions for health and prosperity both for the municipality and for the district for the upcoming 2021!
The meeting was hosted by Prof. Georgi Kamarashev, Deputy Mayor for Construction and Spatial Planning and Mrs. Penka Ignatova, Director of the Education, Youth Activities and Sports Directorate, who expressed their gratitude for the work and efforts. which the Amalipe Center builds to build bridges between the community and the institutions. Galina Decheva – educational expert and Atanas Atanasov – local community development expert at the center told more about the establishment of Vasilitsa as a day of Roma culture and the symbols and celebration of the holiday, and the third grader Akif wished well-being and prosperity

in the municipality. Mihriban Milcheva, a student at the Old Throne High School of Economics, spoke about overcoming differences and working as a distance learning student and how she supports and supports her classmates to go through this form of education, which is necessary due to anti-epidemic measures.

Prof. Dr. Lyubomira Popova, Governor of Veliko Tarnovo also received only two students – Jansu and Juliana (also from Dzhulyunitsa), volunteers at the Amalipe Center, who, in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, congratulated her and cheered for the new year then they gave her a handmade whey. Juliana told her about the traditions associated with the holiday, why and how it is celebrated among the community in the area.