Young chefs share practices from the customs of different ethnic groups

“Aleko Konstantinov” professional high school in the town of Mezdra has been part of the “Amalipe” school network since the last school year, but it has serious traditions in implementing project activities for students, parents and teachers to work in a multicultural environment. Such is the “Multicultural School of the 21st Century” under the EU’s “Erasmus+” program, which raises awareness of overcoming challenges in the school environment, achieves a higher student success rate, and applies new methods of tolerant education.

For the successful implementation of the planned activities to build a multicultural community in an educational institution, one relies on the reenactment of rites, the presentation of holidays, and the collection of household items of the various ethnic groups. Girls and boys from the specialty “Production of Culinary Products and Beverages” take an active part in the activities.



The “Every student will be a winner” network includes 287 educational institutions from all over the country that have united in achieving the goals of the Amalipe Center program and supported by the Trust for a Social Alternative. The goals include: dropout prevention and retention of all students in school, increasing the number of reintegrated/re-enrolled children, increasing the number of Roma adults involved in forms of lifelong learning, significantly increasing the percentage of Roma youth, who continue their education in secondary schools/high schools, active involvement of parents in school life.