Another webinar for student mentors took place – a field for talent

On April 13, 2021, the sixth webinar of the “Leadership Academy for Capacity Development of Mentoring Students” was held, which is held within the project “Every student will be an excellent student”, funded by the Trust for Social Alternative Foundation.

We dedicated this meeting to the topic “The power of talent for personal development”, and our main goal was to encourage young people to develop their strengths and motivate them by giving them the opportunity to express themselves. Lecturers at the webinar were again the educational experts of the Amalipe Center, in the person of Yonka Danova and Tanya Hristova, who always find the right way to win the interest of student mentors. The meeting began with a brief retrospective of last week, dedicated to April 8 – International Roma Day, during which the Amalipe Center held several landmark meetings:

– Meeting of Roma teachers and students of pedagogy with the Minister of Education Krassimir Valchev

– Discussion forum “AGAINST Roma! We are not alone! Let’s move on!

– Awarding the winners of the competition “Girls with dreams – turn the page”

In the following minutes, the student mentors had the opportunity in small groups, together with the regional coordinators, to share their talents and what conditions they have for development in the different settlements and schools. In conclusion from this work, the participants came to the following conclusion – the activities carried out in schools, in the form of “activities of interest”, are the main field for expression and development of talents of students in small towns. Centers for work with children, activities at community centers and church choirs are also among the most frequently mentioned.

In the second part of the webinar, students from different parts of the country presented or told more about their talent, which they develop and makes them happy. Ipek Lyupen from the village of Smolnitsa, Dobrich region, told us about his love for equestrian sports. She showed us photos from her races and introduced us to her journey from the beginning, when she first got on a horse, to the success in races and the prizes she has won so far by riding.
The talents we met from Shumen district were students from “Tsanko Bakalov Tserkovski” High School. Zeineb, whom we met at the awarding of the “Girls with dreams” competition as one of the winners in the Essay category, turned out to be not only good at writing but also painting. The little virtuosos Toni Mitkov and Angel Iliev played live violin. Angela Stefanova, Mihaela Antonova, Fana Chomakova and Natalie Kircheva recited some of the most favorite Bulgarian poems. But their talent does not only extend there and for the finale of their performance they presented us with a song.
The talent of Southern Bulgaria was Elitsa Yocheva from the town of Kotel, who in her free time loves to paint and has definitely already built her characteristic style. She had sent us some of her work in advance.
Author: Elitsa Yocheva
Video from the past festivals “Open Heart” was presented by one of the great dances of the students of Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski” in the town of Suhindol. They have always participated with a diverse program with interesting choreography and more than once have won special awards from the festival.
From the North-West region, a team of students presented Botev TV school television at the Hristo Botev United School in the village of Dolni Tsibar, Montata district. You can get acquainted with the productions of the school television in detail here.
Finally, the psychologist of “N.Y. Vaptsarov” Primary School Victoria Kostadinova made an analysis of what was presented and the relationship between talent and youth development. The main conclusion of the meeting was that children should be supported in their aspirations and dreams by their family and teachers, because they often need only one word of encouragement to achieve a lot and be happy. Every child is good in a certain field, you just have to give him a field to show it. Every child is excellent at something!
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