The first webinar for students mentors, part of the Leadership Program of the Amalipe Center, has passed

On November 19, at 1 pm, we started the series of trainings that the Amalipe Center plans to make for the students mentors, which are part of the Leadership Program for Capacity Development.

The webinar “What is a student mentor” gathered over 140 students from all over the country in the online platform Although for the first time in the online environment, the meeting of the young leaders in the network of the Amalipe Center was again fruitful, fun and invigorating for all. In new conditions, but with the old enthusiasm, students and lecturers shared how online learning goes. Teodora Krumova presented the new Leadership Program, and Nelly Nikolova told the students what topics and meetings we have until the end of the school year. Galina Decheva presented the Special Edition of CHANGE, in which the Amalipe Center participates and the role of student mentors in online learning.

The difference this year is the introduction of team leaders. The most active and experienced student mentors – Violeta, Esil, Juliana, Zjumbjula and Ayshe (already a student) “adopted” their working group of young people. We divided them into separate rooms to get to know each other and create their own group rules, motto, logo and name. The team leaders helped to unite the group and gather the ideas of the young people.

The students proved that they are both extremely digitally literate and empathetic. If one did not find an option easily, another helped him for a second. Our meeting showed that the efforts of the student mentors really make sense, because they speak the same language as their peers and would be most useful to them.

But in order not to be unnecessarily verbose, and given the new type of interaction, we will “tell” you how the webinar went in photos. The smiles of the young people say more than the words.

This year Amalipe Center is a finalist in the special edition of CHANGE – the largest socially responsible initiative of Nova Broadcasting Group, which is implemented in partnership with Reach for Change Bulgaria, ING, NN Bulgaria and Aurubis Bulgaria.

How you can support the Amalipe Center in CHANGE find out here:

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