Help from children for children! “There is always time for good deeds and there is always opportunity”

Young people were inspired by the theme “Volunteering – Leadership – Community Change”, which was part of a series of trainings that Amalipe Center conducts for student mentors, part of the project “Every student will be excellent – 3”, funded by the Trust for Social Alternative.

As part of the homework announced during the webinar, the 8th grade students of Sofia University “Tsanko B. Tserkovski” in the village of Nikola Kozlevo organized and held a charity bazaаr.

Some of the elements that the school in Nikola Kozlevo introduced when it became

part of the network of Amalipe Center, created within the program “Every student will be an excellent student” of TSA, are the student mentors. Ayşe Bilal, one of these student mentors, and Zeineb Akif, winner of the Amalipe Center’s Girls with dreams – Turn the Page competition, were inspired during the training and then ignited their classmates. The whole class united around the idea of ​​an Easter bazaar, whose funds could be used to help their classmates in need. Help from children for children!

Thus, on April 15, 2021, the decorations, cards and other products made by the students were already put up for sale in the school at “Tsanko B. Tserkovski” High School. Buying all of them did not take time! For a short time everything was bought by teachers and students! Buyers did not forget to put money in the donation box for the cause. The funds raised turned out to be sufficient for the pre-set goal – to help their classmates in need with food, clothes and shoes before the Easter holidays. Their wish is for everyone to feel the holiday, the care, the good, the love!

And the volunteer campaign became an occasion for the creation of a special site for 8th grade. Meet it here. Obviously their good deed will have a sequel!

Young people have learned that giving joy is a magical feeling that gives meaning to every existence, that by giving from their free time, they gain valuable qualities, knowledge and skills that develop them and make them leaders. And so they can change their community for the better!

You are wonderful, dear girls and boys! We are glad to have inspired you! Keep up the good work!