We are restarting the campaign “Old devices for a new beginning” on Platforma.bg

At the beginning of the New 2021 we restart the Old device for a new beginning campaign on the site of Platforma.bg in order to be able to reach even more like-minded people.

The second Covid 19 wave has already faced 40% of students in Bulgaria with the challenge of Distance Learning in the Electronic Environment. Unfortunately, many children do not have the necessary electronic devices or do not have the necessary skills and support. A study by the Amalipe Center among 200 schools with a concentration of vulnerable groups shows that about a quarter of the children in them do not have devices. And in some schools, this applies to three-quarters of students.

To support these most vulnerable students and schools, in the spring of 2020 we launched the “Old devices for a New Beginning” campaign. Thanks to companies, organizations and many citizens by the end of the 2019/2020 school year we were able to provide nearly 800 devices that we provided to schools in need.  See a list of supported schools here.

Back in September, we restarted the campaign in view of the expected transition to distance learning in the electronic enviroment. See here how anyone can get involved and support schools and students without electronic devices.

Together with our partners from nearly 300 schools, we identified another important need. Many students from the most

marginalized families do not have the necessary skills and habits to use e-learning devices. Student mentors can give them the support they need. So we decided to involve hundreds of student mentors in the effort.

The new campaign was evaluated by Nova TV and the Reach for change foundation as part of the special edition of CHANGE, and the Amalipe Center, through the Campaign, was honored as one of the three finalists. We also launched a call for donations to Platformata.bg, where by 31.12.2020 we managed to raise BGN 1185, with which we will buy 8 tablets, which will soon reach the next school on the list. You can see how you can donate to the campaign or join it here.

Since, unfortunately, distance learning in e-learning will continue to be part of our educational daily lives, and there are still dozens of children who need devices and support, we decided to intensify the continuation of the Campaign in Platformata.bg.


The funds we raise in the campaign will be used for buying tablets to help children who are still excluded from e-learning at a distance. At the same time, we continue to support them through student mentors who complement what devices cannot provide – purely human care.

We at Amalipe Center know that these children have enormous untapped potential and should not be ignored. What they need is a little hope for someone to believe in them today, so that they can be the doctor or the programmer to help the world tomorrow.

Support them by donating!

We appeal to all those who want to support students from the poorest families and the schools in which they study to conduct quality online training in the coming weeks and months. Let us together help to create the most urgent and necessary conditions for the inclusion of all students. Join the campaign through the Platformata.bg! Because the change is in the educated children! Any donation, no matter what the value, will help children stay in the learning process in these extreme conditions.

The Amalipe Center ensures that every lev or computer will reach the schools and students in greatest need, and you will be able to keep track of exactly which schools these tools and devices have reached.